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Please visit the memorial website for Kimberly Baskerville, who sadly passed away August 11, 2011. It was a very tragic time for our band. She was a longtime member of March Hare and more importantly a true friend to all of us and we miss her!

For info on Dan's Original Projects

The Image of You Photography

Dragon's Den Martial Arts Club, White Rock

Wally Teimer as  'Elvis Gold'

A memorial page for our friend Dave MacDonald


Don Stewart

Upcoming Dates

Updated Jan 14/2020

Band Holiday Jan 13-25

Century Casino, Edmonton
Centerfield / Night Moves
Jan 31 - TICKETS

Hard Rock Casino, Vancouver
Feb 1

Sawbucks, White Rock
Feb 8

Private Event
Feb 16

Casino Regina
American Rock Legends
Night Moves (Seger)
Centerfield (Fogerty/CCR)
Feb 27

Private Event
Feb 29

Two Lions, North Vancouver
March 13-14

Club 240, Crescent Beach Legion
60s Night
March 27

Two Lions Sunday Shows
Roy / Dolly Show
March 29



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