Hi Everyone!

We just had a fantastic weekend in Camrose doing three shows. Many thanks to Dawn and all the fantastic people in Camrose who treated us so well. We are into the VERY busy Christmas season and it will cap off a banner year. It's always the best time of year for big events and we still have several VIP events as well as a major corporate event on Saturday followed by Casino dates to end the year. We really appreciate all the support throughout the year as our friends come to see our shows.

Thanks for all your face book postings, pictures and emails. It's an honor to have so many people interested in what we're doing. Life is good in Wonderland!

All the best,

Dan, Andy, Ian and Georgia

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For worldwide bookings of The MARCH HARE Band,
contact Dan Hare, (604) 897-6834, or a reputable music agency.

PLEASE NOTE: If you wish to have March Hare perform for your event, please try to book it early. The band has been unable to accept many potential bookings because of scheduling and demand. U.S. dates require approximately 40 days for immigration P2 Visa paperwork.

If you would like more information about The March Hare Band or if you have any comments, feel free to contact Dan Hare, Ian Paxton, or Andy Smyth

Thanks again and check back soon.








Updated Dec 11 /2017

Private Events
Christmas / VIP Events
Dec 1-28

Cascades Casino, Langley
Dec 29-30

Elements Casino, Cloverdale

Dec 31

Two Lions, North Vancouver
Jan 5-6

Hard Rock Casino, Coquitlam
Jan 26-27


Tim Horton's Brier, Saskatoon


Whoopin' it up with the Alberta Oilmens Association
, Jasper Park Lodge



House Band for many years



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