A whole week on one stage! Phew! That's a new one for us...










Abe Lincoln.... I mean, Ian




Kimmy Kat (right) with a couple of fans




The Budweiser Show Stage




Kimmy Kat in front of the Kokanee Stage




Ian drinking a Kokanee






















Kim and Dan with our pals The Wonderland Band




Andy and Kim with SaskEx organizers Susan and Carl













Kimmy with monitor dude Pierre










Tragically Hip




Nadine (Kim's Kousin) and Kim watching The Hip







Gord Downie




Marianas Trench




Andy with a couple of Trenchies




Andy and Dan with more Trenchies




Shelby, Kimmy and Nady




Blue Rodeo




The Stampeders




Follow Spot operator




Our two monitor men, Barrett and Pierre




Kimmy with Howie, our front of house soundman







Nadine, Shelby, Kimmy and Sarah - they're all cousins!








Nadine and Shelby





Dan with Harv and Sharon Sawatsky










Our bud Kevin, mixing The Stampeders




Iris and Ed, Kim's aunt and uncle




Shelby and Vernon
















Our drivers for the week - John and ken




Kim and Andy with the Wonderland Band




A trip thru the butterfly exhibit...

































Our Merchandise tent







And finally the flight home







Thanks to Susan Kuzma and Carl Schlosser for having us,

thanks to our very pro crew - Howie, Barrett and Pierre,

and thanks to our drivers Ken and John!


Thanks for dropping in!

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