Woo! Tampa Bay, Flo-Ri-Da!!

We had another AWESOME time with our friends at NEC...







Coby and Dan















The man himself! Our longtime bud Frank Viola, GM of NEC Unified Solutions





He is da man!





Coby Turner





































Frank and Dan









Little Memphis (Coby's son) doin' his thang





a local steel drum band was on before us





Dan wailin' on Hotel California













The girls - Suzanne, Lynette and Coby









Frank and Lynette





We had a few days between shows so we looked for the nearest beach...




and found a huge one!




Clearwater Beach













Ian churning towards shore





We also went to Epcot Center and Disney World





... and relaxed by the pool





This is the life...





and so is this





You could land a jet on this beach!













This gator lives in a pond at Saddlebrook Resort, where we did our two shows





Drinks on the beach





and dinner at Saddlebrook





Memphis and dad Jason










On the way home we took a late night tour of the "City That Never Sleeps" - New York





Times Square





March Hare with Frank

Thanks to Frank, Barbara and all at NEC for having us!


Thanks to you for stopping by!



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