Welcome to MountainFest!



Hope you brought warm clothes!

It was a tad cold and windy this year...




Dan braces himself against the wind...




Kimmy Kat and Little Big Stage performer Charlotte




Charlotte Fisher




Ian and Dan










Melissa Hill




Andy, Payton Rector and Dan




Shylo Sharity and Kimmy Kat




Ian, Dan and Andy with the Kennedy Sisters - Carli and Julie




Andy with Robyn and Ryleigh - The Gillespies







Shelby Noble with Kimmy Kat




Andy with Cristina Mauro




Kimmy Kat with the Kennedys




You rock, girl!




Dan with Chanel Stasiuk and Cynthia Leigh-Ann




Impresario Don Adams hanging out with taller people...




It's a tough gig at Mountainfest...








Dierks Bentley




Emily Taylor Adams









Soundman Gary shows us what really gets him steamed!




Well if it ain't Randi (and her bf) from the Appaloosa Band!




Feel the love!




Feel the cold! Margaret, Ted and Dan




Bal and Kimmy Kat





Bal 'n Dan





Lisa, Dorian and Dan




Dorian's band Mad Hatter on the Beer Stage










Proud dad!







Jay Westbrook and friend




Dan shows us the glamorous side of Mountainfest








John, Bob and Dan - backstage security is very tight at Mountainfest




Marion Weston gets ready to draw











John rehearses for his singing debut




Meanwhile back at the ranch...








The famous Merritt river was a bit cold this year...












This ol' hermit was just sittin' by the river




Hey it's Phil Noble, and he's going tubing!


















Blake Havard








Paul from Shaw TV interviews Ian




Ian from March Hare TV interviews Paul




Enoch and Alex running the Beer Stage












Doris and John Baskerville









Thanks to Don Adams and all the cool Mountainfest staff!


Thanks to you for dropping in!


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