Back at Crabfest 2009 again, had a wonderful time,

everyone was very friendly and we rocked!

Hung out with our buds in Trooper and the Murray Porter band

and met the guys in Wide Mouth Mason...









Leaving YVR, Clayton Hill (drummer with Trooper), Ian and Andy





Smitty from Trooper, with Dan





Laugh it up, guys! C Hill, Kimmy and Ian





Helene Duguay, Rick Boulter and Murray Porter





On da bus, left to right, clockwise... Chris Nordquist, Shaun Pereira, Paul, Dan, Richard, Craig,

Ian, Andy, Safwan Javed, Shaun Verreault, Murray Porter (hammin' it up) and Rick Boulter















MH with Christine, one of the organizers









With the Wide Mouth Mason guys.
Ian, Safwan, Kim, Shaun, Shaun, Dan and Andy





Mike, our soundman from the Merritt Mountain Music Festival.





Kimmy and Mikey - I think Kim's ordering a new hat for Mike





The Murray Porter Band - Rick, Chris, Helene and Murray





Murray Porter with us





Kimmy with Alex, our monitor man and bud from Merritt





The Soul Professors













emcee Lynne on the left






















Jane, Andy & Kim





Wide Mouth Mason - hard hittin' funk. They were awesome...









Safwan at work





Shaun Verreault





Paul, road manager and soundman for Trooper





Clayton and Gogo onstage





Smitty and Trooper





These guys seriously rocked and put on a great show...






Thanks to all the cool people in Gingolx (Kincolith) for having us

and taking great care of us! The crab was pretty tasty, too!

And then we all flew home...



Thanks for stopping by...

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