Why March Hare Band?
There are MANY talented musicians, entertainers and performers in Western Canada. So when choosing the right entertainment for an event, people often ask “Why should we have March Hare for our event instead of another band?”

Here are some good reasons:

  1. March Hare has “personality plus.” Each member is a true entertainer that engages with the audience and makes every event special. They do much more than just “play songs.” March Hare understands what it means to create a comfortable, fun, entertaining, and musically impressive atmosphere.
  2. As a full time career band March Hare is POLISHED because they do shows ALL the time. Most people don’t want to hire a band that has only done a show or two in the past few weeks or months, or who have various members that float in and out of the band. Some bands are now a franchise with several versions of the band so the client gets a mix of available entertainers often reading charts or reading from ipads. When you hire March Hare, you get the same band you see on the website. Bands that play together all the time over many years develop a chemistry, confidence and appeal that can’t be achieved in any other way which means they aren’t staring at music stands trying to get through the songs. With March Hare there are NO ipads, music stands or mic stands that create barriers. March Hare knows their lyrics and uses headset mics for maximum mobility and connection with the audience.
  3. March Hare keeps it real and actually plays and sings all their songs. Many bands now use tracks and have much of the show pre-recorded so the audience hears harmonies and many musical parts that are not being performed. March Hare only uses percussion loops on occasion to enhance certain songs, but the band does NOT use tracks so what you hear is being performed.
  4. March Hare has a huge songlist and more VARIETY than any other band. This is a bold claim, but because March Hare plays together as the SAME band ALL the time, they know “quality” versions of literally hundreds of songs and can switch on the fly to older, newer, lighter, heavier, slower, faster, country, Latin flavours, etc., better than ANY other band. Audiences are more diverse these days often ranging from very young to the ‘not so young’ so variety is the flavor that is best suited to most events.
    For some events, March Hare gives the audience a songlist and plays their requests. For special events the band even offers March Hareoke where the audience can choose from their list and perform with the band (words provided on tablet).
  5. March Hare is visual, unlike most bands, in that they do partial or full costume shows on request. For well over a decade the March Hare Band has done countless costume shows at Casinos, Corporate events and Festivals. They often do a variety show for a mixed audience with a range of older and newer music. The band also does the very popular “Thru the Decades” show that goes from Patsy Cline to Lady Gaga and is thoroughly enjoyed by both older and younger audiences. March Hare also offers an 80s night that is popular and consists of a “New Wave” followed by a “Big Hair” set. They also do 60s, 70s, Beach or various other themes. They also do a full John Fogerty Show called “Centerfield,” and a Bob Seger show called “Night Moves.”
  6. March Hare is much more than a “cover” band or “show” band in that they reproduce a wide variety of hit songs one after another better than any other band, and according to many people often better (and more like we all remember) than the original artist. It’s a rare and special ability and anyone who has seen the band perform knows this is true. The March Hare Band is an exceptional combination of natural talent, comfortable stage presence and many years of experience that enables them to re-create authentic versions of countless favourite songs from the past and present. March Hare recently did a three night engagement at a top Casino and did three completely different high calibre shows three nights running without repeating a single song.
  7. March Hare is enormously talented, experienced and polished with three genuine lead singers and each member top in their respective field.
    1. Georgia Swinton is a STAR, singing, dancing and making people happy. Trained in music, dance and theatre, she not only sings all the female songs with gusto but she brings a pizzazz and energy to the band that is unequalled. It’s understandable why audiences LOVE her everywhere the band performs. Check out a youtube video or live show and there will be no doubt about her exceptional talent and appeal.
    2. Dan Hare is unquestionably one of the top Lead singer/guitarist/frontmen in Canada. He does it all at a VERY high level and is impressive in any environment whether playing and singing acoustic shows or playing and singing with the band at rock shows.
    3. Andy Smyth plays keys/key bass/sings harmonies and provides an unbelievable variety of authentic sounds to the band that makes every song special. Not only is he extremely proficient at his instrument, he uses countless different sounds to recreate very authentic versions of the song being played and also makes them FUN. He is truly “one of a kind.”
    4. Ian Paxton is an exceptional drummer and Lead vocalist, one of the very best in Canada. His polish on the drums along with his exceptional vocals and stage personality make him a star in front of any audience big or small. He also very skillfully utilizes a sampler bringing a further variety of percussion and various sounds to the songs that add to their appeal and authenticity.

Still not convinced that the March Hare Band is the right choice?

  1. Check out some testimonials from quality people who have hired March Hare in the past. On request you can even personally contact a person or two who has worked with the band to see what they have to say. http://www.marchhare.bc.ca/content/references4.htm
  2. Check out the website to get more info and see all the shows they have done. http://www.marchhare.bc.ca/
  3. Check out some youtube videos. http://www.youtube.com/user/andysmyth2
  4. BEST OPTION: Catch a show for the full March Hare experience!

March Hare is unique as there is no other band that can offer what they do. That’s why the band is so busy. Check it out and see for yourself.