Had a fun night with the Tsawwassen Rotarians!
They raised a lot money AND had a visit from Bond, James Bond!



007 (Dave Hamilton) and the Bond Girlz - Gail, Kimmy Kat, 007, Courtney and Keyrsten



Bond dispatches another villain...



.... and gets the girl










Kimmy Kat















Conga Line!!





Kimmy Kat leads the conga line














There were three tables of prizes auctioned off





A large casino room





Bond shows off his lighter/camera and his Shaken Not Stirred martini





































Emcee Mike





MARCH HARE with tonight's organizers - Ian, Joelle, Kimmy Kat, Dan, Gail and Andy













Tristan Paxton on follow spot





Lookin' good, girlz...













Thanks to Joelle and Gail for a great gig!!


Thanks for dropping in...

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